How did it all start? It sounds like the beginning of a movie or a bad joke...

In 2011, eight college students...

See what I mean about the bad joke?

We embarked on what would become one badass spring break trip to South Padre Island for one week.  After spending all day on the beach and all night party hopping, we were faced with the same dilemma many other spring-breakers faced. Where can we eat? With that thought, an idea was born! An idea to create a food truck serving great food anywhere the masses may need it. Anytime you want to party with the Wing Box, give us a call to feed your masses no matter the size. 


  • "Its Our New Spot!"

    Christine P.

  • "Best Wing In Town"



  • "First Time Trying wing box its was amazing"


    Johan G



We promise your meal will be right, every time.

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